Thomas Gaetano Architect


Why hire an architect?

  • Conduct thorough initial client consultations to assess present and future lifestyle needs, as well as style preferences and budget limits
  • Draw precise plans with ample time for client assessments, soliciting client input along the way to make sure the client gets exactly what they want
  • Maximize use of available and added space
  • Implement the commercial or residential remodeling and renovations that increase the value of your home or building
  • Design with energy efficiency in mind, which lowers energy consumption and costs
  • Comply with building codes and requirements to pass inspections—no surprises
  • Identify complex situations and potential problems and intervene with appropriate solutions to save time and money
  • Execute plans and construction methods with optimal safety in mind
  • Spearhead and coordinate a team of professional contractors capable of quality work
  • Save client time, money, and aggravation by overseeing and handling all phases of the job with expertise